After spending two years touring and promoting "Miss Hollywood” with sold out shows, front man, songwriter & incendiary guitar player Mick Brandon hits the ground running with Dakara Dirt’s sophomore album, “Forever”, available on iTunes and all major digital outlets.

Their debut album “Miss Hollywood”, released in September 2011 on Brandonland Records, gained massive success in Australia getting to number 10 on that country’s charts.

Mick describes the creative process behind Forever as being “The most tiring, yet the most honest and creatively rewarding time of my life. It was different; it was just about the music. There were no distractions, no outside influences or negative energy. It was just me and the music that I write”.

The album’s thematic journey is reflective of Mick Brandon’s work ethic; who played every instrument on almost all the recordings as well as engineering and producing the LP.

Landing in Los Angeles earlier in August, the band has amassed a die-hard fan following that spans across the world, and have gained the backing from industry giants ESP guitars, Dean Markley USA strings and Hughes & Kettner Amps.

With Forever set to be a “must-have” in the vault of rock n roll’s classic albums, Dakara Dirt will be playing a venue near you soon.

Dakara Dirt’s latest release will hit radio stations worldwide June 12th 2015.

"I think these guys will be part of the future of entertainment and showmanship. Mick Brandon had everybody eating from the palm of his hands from start to end - a great energy and charisma and a smile on his face the whole way through, the guy is a born performer"

- Spike Joey, The Australian Music Network


Driven by a loyal and ever-growing fan base (The DDF), Dakara Dirt’s promotion by the band’s independent label – Brandonland Music (founded by front man and songwriter, Mick Brandon) has seen music industry insiders at The Music Network in Australia slot their first single “Miss Hollywood” chart into number 10 of the world’s very best at the time of release.

Providing a full-length live show that packs punch, stimulates and arouses the crowds, Dakara Dirt is one of the few acts able to generate such excitement and buzz without any major record company support.

Their blend of melodic sensibility, mixed with a dose of memorable hooks, and powerfully relatable lyrics, makes Dakara Dirt an equally enjoyable experience to listen to as watching them perform live. Experiencing their distinct and unmistakable sound, it is easy to see how they embody the spirit of rock and roll.

The themes that run through Dakara Dirt’s songs involve the audience in a musical reality of life, expressing the joys and tragedies to which everybody of today and tomorrow can relate.

They are what the world has missed - a chance for the sound to change, and move on from the new century’s inorganic sound, back to music that moves, and with words that speak.

Dakara Dirt is not an anti-establishment, but a re-boost of hard rock that has been re-energized for today’s audience.




Known for his showmanship and the ability to entertain crowds, Mick Brandon is the creative mind and main spokesperson for the band, composing, producing the group’s music, lyrics and arrangements. Since the age of 7 when Mick first learned the guitar, he has been writing his uniquely stylized lyrics and composing original works on guitar & piano.

Studying at several musical schools across Melbourne, it led him onto the path of forming original bands, which led to an opportunity to travel to the United States in the late 2000's to pursue his dream.

After spending time in Los Angeles & New York working as a songwriter for other artists, Mick flew back to Australia in 2010, and along with two old friends, he founded Dakara Dirt in 2011 with a vision to refresh and reinvigorate live music fans and the modern hard rock genre at the same time.

Mick Brandon has performed on tracks with some of the worlds greatest guitar players such as Joe Satriani, Tommy Emmanuel, Guthie Govan & Frank Gambale, and is often compared to legends like Michael Schenker and Kirk Hammett.

He is currently endorsed my industry heavy weights ESP guitars, Dean Markley USA Strings, and Hughes & Kettner Amps.

A visionary, Mick's relentless hunger and drive to succeed has pushed the band to greater acheivements. He often composes music in his sleep, awaking with melodies and lyrical ideas and heralds from such influences as Metallica, Scorpions, Motley Crue and Avenged Sevenfold.

In 2014, he sold up his entire life in Australia and moved to the United States. Mick Brandon now resides in Los Angeles; and carries even more drive and an unmatched work ethic.



Playing music since he was 16, Josh Chastain began his musical journey as a member of his church’s youth group, where he realized his love for music during his senior years at high school.

He first began on the piano, learning the musical basics and it wasn’t long before his progression led him onto playing the drums.

“I promise you I was actually playing the drums, and not just kneeling down behind them crying!” Josh explains, laughing.


It’s this light hearted humor that he took with him into the US Navy after high school, where he served abroad.

Identifying his own disconnect he had with music, Chastain left the Navy and returned back to California, writing a collection of songs on the train journey home.

Since 2006, he has guest-fronted several acts whilst performing his preferred role as a Bassist for Los Angeles based bands' “Daybreak Ends” and “Slant”.


With the acquisition of Chastain in 2014, Josh brings unique backup vocals and a slick style of bass playing that fornicates perfectly with the Dakara Dirt sound etched by frontman Mick Brandon.

“I’m here to do the DD faithful (DDF) justice, they’ve been amazing in welcoming me into their world, and if I can inject some of my Nitrous into this band's engine room, then I will feel like I’ve honored them”.




With his hard hitting, powerhouse approach to drumming, Jay Cali has already etched himself into the music world.

A Rochester native and with a vision in mind, Jay packed his life into his car and moved west to Los Angeles in 2012.


This transition would eventually lead to a drumming audition with Dakara Dirt in 2015.


Mick Brandon described his audition as "A raw and synergetic interpretation of my music that left my ears ringing for days. It was both intense and cathartic at the same time. Jay has the ability to connect with the band, and its undeniable that a unification of this magnitude cannot be ignored".


Born with natural talents, he began singing and dancing in his youth imitating his favorite artists for house guests.  At the age of 10 Jay played alto saxophone in the elementary school band, and by age 11 he received his first drum kit.

While achieving local NY success in such bands as "A Thousand Shades of Cold", he developed self awareness and realized his dreams were limitless.


"I'm all about serving the Dakara Dirt music, the band and most importantly the DDF around the world who have accepted me into their life. Dakara Dirt is more than just a band. It's a family and I intend to serve them whole heartedly, because they deserve that". - Jay Cali.



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